Wednesday, 22 March 2017

March Morning Stroll around Quid Vidi lake

What a glorious morning it was on Sunday....Sunny, no wind and +3 degrees C (37.4 F).

Here are some of the sights I saw as I took a nice brisk walk around the lake..........

This monument reminded me that the rowers will soon be on the lake preparing for the annual Regatta.


Thursday, 16 March 2017

Stuffed Squid

This is a rare delicacy for us.  We used to have them often in Gambo, and this past 
fall, our good friends, Dave & Sharon got some, and got a bucket full for us!!  
Yes.......a bucket full.

You may know it as calamari, but here in Newfoundland and Labrador, most of us call it squid.

There are many recipes online for stuffed squid.  
We use simple bread dressing to stuff the cooked squid, then bake for about three 
minutes on each side at 350 degrees F.

We normally cook the squid, under pressure, for between five and seven minutes.  
These squid were extremely small, so hubby cooked them for only three minutes......

While the squid were cooking, I sauteed onion and tiny pieces of squid in butter, 
for the bread stuffing......

A simple bread crumb stuffing.  
We go very light on the savory so as not to overpower the taste of the squid.  
The addition of the tiny pieces of squid was brilliant.

Yum!  I wish you could smell through my blog.....

As quickly as you can handle the hot squid, they need to be stuffed......

and placed on a cookie sheet, then into the oven for about three minutes on each side....

just long enough to give a light golden color... 

We make these to serve as appetizers often.  
They are always a huge hit.
These were so tender....such a treat to have some, after such a long time.


Friday, 3 March 2017

The Brier is in town!!

We love mom loved curling, and I am so excited!!

I am actually an official Brier volunteer!!!!!  First scheduled shift is tomorrow morning, 
and I am like a kid around Christmas---can't wait to get down there 
and get in on all the excitement.

Hubby and I have tickets to a couple of the draws next week, so I am looking forward to that as well.

Image result for brier 2017

Go Team Gushue!!!!!

Saturday, 25 February 2017

Smoked Capelin with Patridgeberry Jam on Bread

I love Saturdays!  I love to get up and enjoy a coffee....or two, while I listen to my 
favourite CBC radio station.  I mull over my plans for the weekend and decide
how I want to spend my day.  
This morning, hubby mentioned that "we" are getting low on patridgeberry jam.  
So,  first thing on my list this morning--make jam. 

As I was filling the jars, I thought of how my mom and dad loved patridgeberry 
jam, and how it was a staple in our home, as it was in most rural Newfoundland 
homes when I was growing up.  
Mom used to make patridgeberry tarts and squares, and sometimes served fresh, 
still-warm patridgeberry jam  as a sauce over steamed dumplings for dessert. 
It seems like most of my food memories from growing up are of fish, and there was 
always an accompaniment of patridgeberry "something or other".

I suddenly knew what we would have for lunch, and pulled a bag of hubby's smoked 
capelin from the deep freeze.  
Roasted smoked capelin, bread with patridgeberry jam and steeped tea. 

I remember how, as kids, we would grumble over the smell of roasting fish, or any fish being cooked.  Now, I cherish it and consider myself lucky and privileged to live in a
place where we have access to fresh fish, especially capelin

Hubby was outside most of the morning, snow-blowing and preparing our outdoor fireplace
for a big evening fire.  
He was pleasantly surprised to smell smoked capelin roasting when he came inside 
and wandered into the kitchen.  
He is usually the official fish cooker-upper at our house! 

Anyway, here are a few snaps of our simple, traditional feast .......


Of course, in light of today's post, I have to give honorable mention to my capelin trivet.
A gift from Rana  :) 

In closing, I'd like to encourage you to pop over here, to see some fabulous capelin art, by Newfoundland artist, Janet Davis of Norton Cove Studio.

Hope you all enjoy your weekend.

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Queen of Hearts

Hubby and I went to a Valentine's Day dinner party last week, at Pam and Fraser's.  
I knew Pam well growing up, and we went to high school together.  
She has been living here in the city for many years and had invited us over on 
number of  occasions, but this was actually the first time we were able to make it.   
Wow---what a treat!!

The evening was just lovely.  It was on Wednesday night, and we were in the 
heights of a blizzard most of the day.  
Valentine's Day was day one of a two-day blizzard, with record breaking
snowfall and high winds.   The entire city actually shut down for two whole days.  
I must say, I did thoroughly enjoy the two extra days off.  
We were literally housebound for the full two days, which made dinner at 
Pam and Fraser's even sweeter.

The welcome was warm, atmosphere and company was awesome, and the food......

Pam and Fraser were fabulous hosts, and the night flew by.  It was almost eleven 
when we left to come home.  
For anyone who knows me well, that is late for me on a work night.   

As soon as we arrived, we were all served a beverage of choice.  
Fraser has an enviable stock of local and imported beers that he is very eager to share. 
 Fraser popped the cork on a lovely bottle of champagne, and Pam surprised us with two delectable amuse-bouches before we all moved to the dining room for our meal.  
I did not get pictures of those, but they were certainly photo-worthy.  
After we ate the delectable little treasures, I commented that I should have brought 
my camera to get some photos for a blog post, and Pam said she 
wouldn't mind, so I whipped out my phone and started snapping--tehe!!  

Below are photos of the meal as it progressed.  The photos certainly show her 
attention to detail and it is quite evident that Pam loves to cook and entertain.

First, we had a selection of roasted beets--red beets carved like roses, and thinly sliced 
yellow beets shaped like hearts, with a variety cheeses spread between them. 
Also on this plate, fresh mozzarella, balsamic pearls, and some fresh peas and cucumber.......... 

Pam even had fresh butter cut in the shape of little hearts to accompany the wonderful 
fresh bread she had baked .......
Next.....homemade pasta, stuffed with crab and lobster, with a scrumptious cream sauce......

Just had to put this photo on, to show the perfect little heart-shape.
It tasted just as good as it looks....

Ooooohhhhhh---the main course.  Lobster and cheeses baked in the body, string beans, 
carrots and couscous with locally picked chanterelles.  
Pam and Fraser picked these chanterelles last fall.  believe it or not, I had never tasted 
them before---delicious!!

The entire meal was a fabulous experience for the soul and the taste-buds!  
And of course, dessert was no different.
Homemade chocolate cake, cut in the shape of a heart and dipped in chocolate ganache, on 
a drizzle of homemade raspberry syrup with fresh whipped cream.  
Yum in my tum !!!  
We all enjoyed dessert with fresh coffee, and then moved back in to
the living room to find this!!!!!!

A variety of delectable handmade chocolates, along with chocolate-dipped 
fresh strawberries, to enjoy with an after dinner liqueur.   

It didn't end there!
Each couple went home with a box of chocolate dipped strawberries, a
miniature dessert cake,,,,and a loaf of fresh homemade bread!!!!

To close, I'll borrow the song title from the Four Seasons....
Oh, what a night!!!!

Stay tuned, I'll post a synopsis of my dinner party in about a month or
so---planning it to take place around St. Patrick's Day.