Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Phew, Tuesday is done!

It was a long day at work, really busy after being out of the office since last Thursday.  I was pretty much caught up by the time I left at 4:00 o'clock though.

The drive to work this morning wasn't great. There was freezing rain and drizzle all night, so the highway was slippery and slushy all the way.  What normally takes 30 minutes took me about 45 this morning.

There was a great treat waiting at my desk though.  My good friend and co-worker, Kathy M made bread on the weekend and she had brought me a loaf.  Oh, it was so light and fluffy, absolutely sinful!

When I got home from work, neither of us were really hungry so I made a small pot of French Onion Soup .   A thick slice of Kathy's home made bread toasted was the perfect thing to top it off!     


I am seriously thinking about the A-Z bloggers challenge for April .  I think this would be a good way to really get into posting and learning my way around my own blog,  Not to mention how much fun it will be to try and come up with a topic for the 26 days of April, excluding Sundays that start with the letter of the day. For example on Day One, I'll post a topic starting with "A".  On Day Two, it'll be "B", and so on.  I only have a few days left to make up my mind!

Oh well...I'll have to relax a bit now and think about that.