Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Gazebo is almost done!!

We had a pretty quiet weekend...lots of work, actually. 

We dog-sat for almost a week for Rana & Mark....but that was definitely our pleasure.  Their miniature schnauzer is the most adorable and well-behaved dog alive.....(now you can just imagine what type of Grammy I'm going to be--ha ha!)

Here's Bailey & Roger, relaxing in the gazebo, that we had just finished doing some work on......

The gazebo is almost finished!!!!!!!!!!!  What do you think????

Roger & I installed all the screens on July 2...in 32* heat!!!!!!

Look at the beautiful piece of wall art that I bought from a local artist--Tracy Traverse

Last night, Roger & I sat out and enjoyed a couple glasses of wine..I think we are really going to enjoy our gazebo!!!
There is just a little bit of cosmetic work left on the exterior, and I have to find some furniture to go in there, but it is awesome.  Roger worked really hard on this, it was a big project, but well worth it.  No more bug bites!! ha ha