Monday, 30 July 2012

Charlotte's berries

I dropped down to visit my sister, Charlotte yesterday.  Her and husband, Bob, had just 
returned from a little jaunt around the bay in their motor home.   They happened upon 
a great spot for's the evidence....

Anyone who has ever picked bakeapples, or any type of berries, for that matter, knows 
that it is HARD WORK!!
 Charlotte absolutely loves picking berries. 
Mom always said that when a berry patch is picked clean, Charlotte can go in
and  still get lots of berries.  I think it takes a lot of patience.

Don't they just look like jewels??

They had been gone all weekend, so they had to pick raspberries from their
 backyard patch upon returning as well......

If these pics don't make you want to have some berries or make some jam, I just 
don't know....ha ha!

My visit sure put me in the mood to make some I pulled some of my frozen
bakeapples out, thawed them and made a little batch of jam.  Roger likes any type of jam cooked for just a very short time with just a touch of sugar.  This way the berries keep their shape and you can really taste the berry, not the sugar! 

Of course, I make very small batches at a time and always keep it refrigerated.

Have a look........

A little dish of this stuff with some thick cream, or even on ice-cream is delectable :o)