Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Pretty in Pink........

The rhododendrons are bursting with these pretty pink blooms......

 This bee made me think of the popular saying......"busy as a bee...."

 Aren't they pretty???

 I couldn't resist taking a small cutting to bring a little color inside.....

The azalea is coming along nicely too, after about three springs of me thinking it was an unusual, but pretty weed.  It would be about 5 feet tall had I realized that it was something that I had actually planted there......duuuhhh!!

The gooseberry bush is loaded with little marble sized berries....mmm-mmm, can't wait to be able to pick these.

My snowball tree is loaded down pretty good too---they are a real pale lime green color now...when they turn white, they are just like big fluffy snowballs!!

Cheers from my garden to yours!