Saturday, 28 July 2012

Off-Roading in Newfoundland in July

Here are a few photos of a little off-roading Roger & I did yesterday--Friday, July 27.

It was 29* Celsius...just a glorious afternoon.  I packed us some tuna wraps, loads of fresh fruit and cold beverages and we took off for a few hours. 

We started out at the Gambo trestle.......

Meandered in to Butts Pond, and saw two loons..

The trees are loaded with "Old Man's Beard" in the trails around Butt's Pond.....

 This is a view of the pond area from Butts Pond trestle...

 Mushrooms with your onion, anyone??????

How about some cracker berry jam?

....wild raspberry jam??

or....wild blueberries?????

Tons of lily pads around the shoreline at Dark Cove Pond.......

On our way back home, just off the old railway track by Dark Cove Pond, we caught a glimpse of some pitcher plants---Newfoundland's official plant.  They were way out on the marsh and I couldn't get a great shot because I didn't have any rubber boots.  They are real pretty though

Cheers Everyone ;o)