Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Birch Christmas Centerpiece

When hubby was moose-hunting in the North Pond area in central this fall, he brought back some nice clean birch.  We like to have a good supply on hand for the fireplace at Christmastime, rather than just burning the fire-logs.  I also had asked him to make me some birch tea light holders, for Christmas centerpieces.

Here's the birch sticks on the garage floor.........
Hubby dried the birch for a couple of weeks in the garage, then cut the sticks to the lengths I needed for the centerpieces.  Then, he used a forstner bit to drill out just the perfect sized cavity, for a tealight.

In the meantime, I had been collecting different types of cones over the fall.  I use them as filler on the centerpieces.  I gathered some huge pine-cones on one of my walks. 
To make a centerpiece, I arrange three pieces of birch, of different heights on a charger. 
Add cones around the birch, 
a few cinnamon sticks with some red berries (if desired), and 

A nice little centerpiece to enjoy over Christmas.
This one is for the "Silent Auction"  fundraiser at work!