Thursday, 12 April 2012

"K" is Kennebunkport, Maine & "K-OS" the cat

We took a Canada/New England  cruise last September out of NYC.  One of the ports of call was Portland Maine.  While there, we took a short bus tour into Kennebunkport,  It was glorious....clean, serene and simply beautiful.  People there were super friendly and it was such a treat.  The weather was beautiful that day--about 15 degrees Celsius and sunny.   

We came upon this nice tavern and went upstairs on the back deck and had a snack......
This is a pic of Roger's lobster roll from the Drydock---it was delicious!!!  I had a crab salad wrap...ymmmm
We tried this local beer---Allagash---and it was really good.

To close off my "K" day, here's a picture of K-os, our daughter's cat.  K-os is a beauty, she is the ultimate lap-cat.

Cheers everyone--hope you have a great day!!