Friday, 8 June 2012

Fousty, Foggy Friday

Oh Boy---I hate to be one of those people always complaining about the weather, but it's hard not to.  It's wouldn't be too bad to be getting all this rain and drizzle, but it's only 4* outside---it freezes at 0*!!  I'm afraid  things are going to start going fousty--ha ha. 

Here's the Newfoundland dictionary definition of fousty:

fousty a also fausty [phonetics unavailable]. EDD fusty; fousty Gl Ha W So D. Mouldy; musty; gone sour; having a bad smell. Cp SMATCHY.
   1925 Dial Notes v, 330 Fausty—musty or mouldy; of tea or bread. 1937 DEVINE 22 ~ Sour, decaying. P 148-61 Look at the fousty clothes on him. T 141/66-652 [This old cape ann] was fousty. He was one of them old timers, red flannel linin's in un, see. A kind of greenish colour, they was. T 222-66 [The other kind of jam] often has [foust] on it after a few months ... in other words it's fousty. C 69-31 My mother called a dress she found in an old trunk fousty—having a stale, bad odour. C 24-71 [The soup is] rather smatchy and I was going to give it to the cow, but you can have it if you want it. (Smatchy means sour or fousty). 

Okay---enough of that...let's think positive.  Look at all the things I've gotten done inside since I finished work for the summer!  All my closets are tidied, lots of furniture rearrangement, we had the house painted inside, top to bottom, and my pantry is organized better than ever before!!  (the rain still pisses me off though--te he)

Well, why don't I put up a few pictures and try to cheer us all up.  Yesterday, I made stir-fry and apple baked pork chops for supper.

Each time I make stir-fry, I use different ingredients, whatever is on hand works.

Bake pork chops, then for the last 20 minutes, add a slice of apple

Delicious...and easy   

Here's a snap of some fresh flowers I bought at the local supermarket yesterday--I couldn't resist. Usually by now, I have vases filled with lilacs and other fresh beauties from my garden, but nothing is in full bloom yet......come on Mr. Sunshine!!

These flowers could make anyone smile...;o)

Happy Friday and have a great weekend everyone.