Sunday, 16 December 2012

Hi friends

It is so hard to feel the spirit of Christmas in light of the terrible tragedy that happened this past week in a school in a small town in Connecticut. My heart aches for all those families.  I know there are no words that can ease the pain that so many are suffering because of this senseless act.

Whatever else you do this Christmas, please think of the families affected, and hope that they can all find the strength to help them get through this most terrible time in their lives.

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Getting ready for Christmas

Good morning all......I had to drop by to say a quick hello and give a little update on why I have been absent for so long.  Mom is still in the hospital, but doing well.  It will two weeks tomorrow since surgery day.

As you can imagine, between all the hospital visits and trying to prepare for Christmas, I have hardly had time to even check my email, but hopeully things will get back on track soon.  Our main focus at this point is for Mom to get well again.

I have been taking a few photos though on my scattered walks, so I am hoping that I'll get some quality blogs posts up soon.

Enjoy these next two weeks and the entire holiday season!!!  This is my favorite time....preparing, cooking, and gift wrapping.......with the fireplace going and Christmas music playing, while sipping great coffee or a glass of wine.

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