Monday, 26 March 2012

This has been a "Blah" day.  Stayed home from work with a nasty head cold and sore throat.  I think I was fighting it all weekend, but my body told me to give in and get some good rest.  By bedtime last night, my voice sounded more like a croak.  On a lighter note, I did get to lie around on the couch all day, watch television between cat naps, and eat popsicles. 

This is what I felt like most of the day!!              

I think the best thing about being sick as a kid was mom making us up a bed on the couch, being able to watch whatever we wanted on television, guessed it, eating popsicles!

Roger is an awesome cook, so tonight we had some of his home made beef soup, which he bottled a couple of weeks ago.  Nothing like a big steamy bowl of soup when you're feeling a little 'under-the-weather'.

Speaking of weather, hope nobody was too optimistic and packed away their snow-blowers or shovels!!  It looks like we are about to get bombed (hopefully for the last time this season) with a batch of snow/ice pellets/freezing rain, along with high winds.  As they say, "only in Newfoundland & Labrador" will you find spring jackets and shoes right nest to snowsuits in the closet!!  We are a hearty lot though and we have been hearing the word SPRING a lot lately.

Since this is only my second post to my new blog, I did think a little today, about how I want to do this.......between cat-naps, tv & eating popsicles---(sneeze-sniff-chuckle).  

I am hoping to simply share some of my daily experiences and experiments, along with some good recipes, helpful hints and hopefully pick up a few readers who'll comment and share some of the same with me.

Anyway, I'm signing off for tonight, have to go hunt down another box of tissues!! Cheers....aaaaaccchheeeew!!