Monday, 23 July 2012

I did it!!!!!!!

Well folks, the Tely 10 is scratched from my bucket list! 

Yes, you read it right......I finished the Tely 10 road race!!!  I walked the 10 miles in 2:32:47.......not bad for  an old gal on her first try......ha ha!

This was Rana's second year to run the Tely.  She finished in 1:39:41.   She was a little disappointed in her time, but was afraid to push too hard in the heat.  It is very important to know your own limits and respect them, especially in high temperatures.   

It was so hot.  The race started at 8:00 am sharp, with 3560 runners and walkers registered.  The crowd was amazing.  The organizers did a phenomenal job.  I can't imagine managing that number of people, but the organizers moved literally thousands of people from all over the city into the "Start Area" in Paradise without skipping a beat.  The finish line was in Bannerman Park, right in the heart of old St. John's.  Wow.................Congratulations to all the organizers and volunteers------Awesome job!

Here are a few pictures of the Tely..............

Rana & Mark, just after she finished

Rana & Roger, just after her finish

Rana & I, just after I finished

Part of our reward...ha ha--Chocolate Raspberry cake....and some great, chilled white wine 

We had a fabulous weekend. 
We also went to the market on Saturday morning, so that's two things I scratched from my summer bucket list over the weekend.

Have a great week, everyone.