Thursday, 22 August 2013

Girl's Road Trip

Myself and two very dear friends (Sharon & Linda) decided we'd have a "Girlie Road Trip" this past Sunday.  We decided on the Twillingate area, and we were not disappointed----It is simply gorgeous in that area.

Twillingate is close to a two hour drive, so we met just before 10:30 am and hit the road.  What is it with road trips that make us need to stop at every Tim's or coffee shop along the way??  We were driving all of 30 minutes when we made our first pit stop--ha ha.

Once we got off the main highway and settled in, we had a lot of laughs and the scenery was just spectacular.
Some of the place names are so quaint, but these little towns are breathtakingly beautiful.

This is the Twillingate Lighthouse --- hopefully you'll get time to check out the link -- it's awesome.

Here's a shot of the ocean below from the lighthouse area viewing point...

This artwork is on the side of a whale watching tour business...isn't it neat??

This sign was posted inside one of the gift shops we stopped in, I couldn't resist posting a snap of it---I thought it was so cute......

We ate lunch at RJ's in Twillingate.........DELICIOUS!!!!  We each had fresh cod (caught that morning) and chips.....yummy.  The view was great and the service was real friendly.

Last stop in Twillingate......Auk Island Winery.

This place is certainly worth a visit.  Since I was 
the driver for the return portion of our trip, the 
other two took advantage of the opportunity 
to do the wine tasting.  
After much fun and many tastes, they decided on 
the wines they would buy.
I had tried several wines from this winery 
before, as they are sold in all local liquor stores, 
so I bought two of my favorite----
a bottle rhubarb and a bottle of goosebery.

We enjoyed the drive home and decided that we should do this more often, so road trips about 
every 6-8 weeks is our current plan......we'll see how that goes--ha ha!!!