Friday, 20 April 2012

"R"  is for Roger & Rana

Now, I don't want to bore you and I certainly don't want to be accused of using my blog as a "brag rag"----but I have to be honest and post about the first two things that popped in my mind for the letter R---my husband Roger and our beautiful daughter, Rana.

Roger relaxing at out hotel in New York City--night before our cruise (Sept 2011)

Roger, right in his element--he LOVES the outdoors!

Rana, enjoying a glass of white wine

Roger & Rana cod fishing-summer of 2011

.......and  "R" is for Red Lobster!!

Roger, enjoying a cold beer at Red Lobster in New York City

Seafood platter at Red Lobster, NYC

Lobster platter--Newfoundland style!!!!

 Have a great day everyone!