Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Tombstone Brownies

Happy Halloween everyone!!

I made some tombstone brownies----so easy to make.  All you need is a brownie mix, some chocolate frosting, a bit of coconut, green food coloring and a few chocolate bars to break up for grave markers.  You simply make up your brownie mix.....

 When it is baked, let it cool......

Now comes the fun part, frost the brownies with chocolate frosting, then cut out in rectangles, and place a piece of chocolate bar in position for a headstone.....

 Color a small amount of shredded coconut with green food coloring to use as grass......

These were so easy to make and they were fun to decorate.  The recipe called for a small tube of decorator's gel to pipe the letters R.I.P on each headstone.  I couldn't find any in town, but no doubt it would have made them look much better, but oh well---still tasted good!!

Hope you all get lots of eager little trick-or-treaters!!!

Happy Halloween

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Gambo Pond--at her "Fall Finest" !!!!

The awesome weather has been consistent around here.  Yesterday, 
October 20, 17 degrees & Sunny!!!!

Roger and I got on the bike and headed East as far as Maccles Lake.  It was a perfect day. 
We started out going through the Gambo Trailway underpass, which is a multi-plate culvert.  
This tunnel replaced the underpass that was used by the trains, years ago, 
 when they were still running.  
What a tragedy, that the trains no longer run in this beautiful big province. 

We ate lunch on a bridge over Northwest Brook, between Gambo and Glovertown.


After a couple of hours of sunshine and fresh air, we headed back toward home.  
We were drawn to Gambo Pond,where we spent a little time down in the 
eastern end--closest to Gambo.  
The pond was was just one of those days.  
Just take a look............

Looking towards Drover's Beach

Have a great week, everyone.

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Middle Brook Falls

Hey everyone!  We are having the most spectacular fall ever---the weather is amazing!!!  It's the middle of October and we are still walking in t-shirts----17 degrees and sunny, who could ask for anything more?

Yesterday I walked the Middle Brook Trail, in the David Smallwood Park, right here in town.  
I took a little detour in and around the falls....

It was absolutely B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!!!

See for yourself...........

The sounds of the water, when standing here, are amazing. 

Looking out in the direction of the community, before crossing the bridge to go in to the falls.            


 Many salmon fisherman walk over these steps in the early hours of the morning, trying to get to his or her favorite fishing spot in pursuit of that delicious Atlantic salmon.  Gambo boasts two of the best salmon rivers in the central region of the province.

This beauty would make anyone want to be a "tree-hugger" 

I have this thing for wild mushrooms----couldn't resist getting down and taking a snap of this little guy! 

How many people have walked up over these steps in awe, after visiting the falls, I wonder...    
Hope you enjoyed these photos.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

"Cookies in a Jar"

Here is a great gift idea from your kitchen.  I have made these on many occasions for teachers or bake sales.  Everyone loves them !!

You can do this with almost any cookie recipe.  The trick is to layer the ingredients in a jar,  and not have any air-space at the top.  If there is a little space left when all the ingredients have been packed in, just add a few more smarties or some coconut. so it's tightly packed.  This just makes it look better.  When the jars are filled, just attach a label advising what else needs to be incorporated (usually an egg and some butter), and the baking instructions.  

Here's a recipe that I've used many times........

Jar Ingredients 
          1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour  
          3/4 teaspoon baking soda  
          1/4 teaspoon baking powder 
          1/2 cup packed brown sugar 
          1/2 cup white sugar  
          1/2 cup white chocolate chips
          1/2 cup milk chocolate chips 
          1/2 cup rolled oats 
In a 1 quart jar, layer the ingredients in the order listed. Pack down firmly after each addition.

Attach a tag with the following instructions: 
Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C).
In a large bowl, cream 1/2 cup margarine until light and fluffy. 
Mix in 1 egg and 2 tablespoons water. 
Add the entire contents of the jar, and stir until well blended. 
Drop by rounded spoonfuls onto an un-greased cookie sheet. 
Bake for 10 to 12 minutes in preheated oven. 
Remove from baking sheets to cool on wire racks.
You can change up some of the ingredients to make your own specialty cookies.  I often use raisins and dried cranberries instead of chocolate chips and smarties.  This is definitely a recipe that you can have a lot of fun with!
Here's a few pictures of the last batch I made for a fundraiser at work........ 

 Enjoy ;o)

Monday, 15 October 2012

Santa's elves have started !!

Well, it's the middle of October and my little work room upstairs looks like Santa's elves have set up shop......and I love it!!!!!

I've started painting my glassware again, take a look(remember, these are not finished!).........

I'll keep you posted with updates as I finish more.


Thursday, 11 October 2012

Good News!!!

My mom finally got her reports yesterday---no liver cancer!!!!   Yay-----did I say YAY???!!!!!!!

I have been keeping a really low profile in "blog-land"---hopefully get right back on track now!!

Fall evening sky--view from Butts Pond trestle area
This picture is definitely worth a thousand's like the sky is clearing and the sun is shining!!!!!!
We are all so relieved...just have to deal with the bowel issue now---hopefully she'll have surgery in the next couple of weeks.....We are all so happy with that!

Have a great week,my friends

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

In all the hustle and bustle of getting ready for Thanksgiving,
take a moment to focus on what being 
 is all about.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Christmas Ornament Exchange

To all my loyal followers......te-he (I've always wanted to say something like that)

Skip on over to my daughter's blog at Randomly Specific, and check out this great idea that she got from one of her favorite blogs.  It's for a Christmas ornament exchange....I know, I know, it's early, but hey....realistically---Christmas is just around the corner!!!!

Come on all you guys...we've been blogging back and forth...let's take it further and go to the next level...."snail mail". in the form of a nice little festive'll be fun!!!!

It's simple, here are her rules.......
  1. Leave a comment on the bottom of her post with your blog address (if you have one) and your e-mail.  *so, if you don't have a blog, just leave your name + email.
  2. You will have until OCT 31st to sign up, and then I will match everyone up with a buddy!  She will send out an e-mail that shows who is matched up with who. 
  3. It is your job then to e-mail your buddy, say hello, and get their mailing address.
  4. Once this is done.... comes the fun part!  Go out and buy a super cool Christmas ornament! (Pier 1 and Michaels have some really cool ones, for example!)  Price range $10-15.  Please don't over or underspend - it can be tempting, but stay within budget so it's fair across the board!
  5. Your deadline is to have your ornament in the mail by NOV 15th!  This way we will be sure everyone will get their surprise in time!
  6. When you get your ornament, take pictures and blog about it! Don't have a blog? Take a picture of it on your tree or somewhere in your house and e-mail it to the person who sent it to you and thank them :o)!

This will work best if lots of people participate..... so SPREAD THE WORD!

Rana is also adding a little bonus gift! It will be for a random participant ....more details to come on her blog later ;) 

  Now, sign up, spread the word, and shop for a super cute Christmas ornament!!

Maybe this will put you in the mood.....

Have a special pet??...tell your "ornament swap" partner and you may get something like this!!
My niece.Tonya, has several trees throughout her house to display all the ornaments her students have given her over the years.  I especially love this whimsical white tree with all black ornaments.  She can tell you the story behind each and every ornament on each of her trees ;o)

 Let's see where this eye rolling you guys!!!!!!



Monday, 1 October 2012

More "Gambo Sunrise"

Looking through the rails on the floating dock at Smallwood Interpretation Centre
Spider web on railing of dock
Sky view from Joey's Lookout
The beautiful little town of Gambo, just waking up.  Shot from Joey's Lookout
Looking up towards Gambo Pond, from lookout
Looking towards trestle, from dock at Interpretation Centre
Shot of water, right in the little cove at the Interpretation Centre.
I couldn't resist this was beautiful!  

A couple little sheds, right on the water, close to Interpretation Centre
Forgive me, some of these are almost identical, but I really wanted to share how pretty and peaceful it is around here.

Have a great week everyone!