Sunday, 10 April 2016

An April Stroll around Quidi Vidi Lake

There seems to be two camps on the pronunciation of Quidi Vidi.  Some say Kitty Vidi, while others say Quada Vada.  However you pronounce, it is a startlingly beautiful place.  Hubby and I took Saturday afternoon to hike around Quidi Vidi Lake, then on out into Quidi Vidi Village----breathtaking is putting it mildly!!!!!!

Just to take a stroll around Quidi Vidi late in the early spring sunshine and feed the birds is amazing.  Yesterday afternoon was exceptional---15 degrees Celsius, light breeze and sunshine----stuff dreams are made of :)

I had made up a batch of date squares in the morning,and took the crumb scraps from cutting them out (along with some bread) to feed the birds at the lake.

The big light blue building with high walls all around it top right of the above photo is Her Majesty's Penitentiary.  It was built in 1859, and is still in use today.  I always feel strange taking a leisurely stroll around the lake while only a few hundred meters away is an actual prison!!