Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Reflections of the A-Z Challenge

Well,where do I start?

I loved it but am very happy it's over.  I guess it was a bit much to take on, after literally just starting my very first blog only days before the challenge began.

Next year, I will be really organized and pick a theme and try to get a lot of my posts in draft, at least.  It's amazing, everything I do now, such as cooking or baking, I'm always thinking----I can use this in a blog!!

I loved getting comments on my posts, and I loved visiting the blogs of my visitors...which can be quite time-consuming, however, I am still enjoying that part of it. 

I am really grateful that my daughter, Rana. talked me into starting a blog. I love to write and take photos, so this is definitely a place to share that. 

Looking forward to a good year ahead on the "blog-front".....and before we know it, we'll be signing up for the A-Z Challenge 2013!!!!!