Sunday, 1 May 2016

With the North Atlantic Ocean lapping at our feet.....

We get to see a little fog pretty often.  I find it quite beautiful, as it rolls in.....


 I find it amazing that it can be so bright and sunny in one area, and just a kilometer 
or so away, the fog just seems to hover like an umbrella over another area.

It can roll in, and roll back out in minutes. 
It is so pretty when you are at a higher elevation and can see the landscape below 
and above the patch of fog.

Until today, as I was preparing this post, I did not know that an area of Newfoundland ranked
 #1 on the list of "Five Foggiest Places in North America"!  
That's right, click here to find out exactly what part of Newfoundland captured the title.  

Amazing stuff, that magical, mystical fog.