Sunday, 20 May 2012

Kreativ Blogger Award

Well--it seems I have been nominated for a blogger's award!!!  The fact that it was my daughter who nominated me has not lessened my excitement about this whole thing. 

The Kreativ Blogger Award does come with some rules. To accept the award, you must first:
1.  Post ten random things about yourself
2.  Nominate 6 other bloggers

Ten Random Things about me:

10.  My birthday is Boxing Day-December 26th
  9.  I love olives
  8.  I have a motorcycle license
  7.  I can't swim
  6.  I finished my university degree in the same semester that our daughter did her first semester
  5.  I love wine---white more than red, but white gives me a bad headache if I drink too much
  4.  I love Bruce Springsteen...I have his albums, 8 tracks, cassettes, and now CD's & DVD's
  3.  I am a middle child---two older sisters and one of each--younger sister and brother (a twin)
  2.  I love writing and secretly always dreamed of writing and publishing a book
  1.  If I am ever blessed enough to get grandchildren, I want them to call me Grammy

So the six bloggers that I nominate ( in no particular order) are:

3.  we'


Last, but not least---
Thank you Rana, for the nomination....I am honored to accept!

Gardening Time again!!!

Well---I have been away too long....unavoidable, I'm afraid, but I couldn't wait to put up a post----I don't know where to start.

Well in addition to the challenges I was having with my new laptop, I had to go to St. John's....unexpectedly, on Tuesday and didn't get back home until late Thursday evening.  Then on Friday, I had a very important "Birthday Lunch" date in honor of my very good friends from work.

It is so easy to get side-tracked and get away from the regular blogging, which I have so come to love.  I find this very's like a reflection time or a journal.

Well, it's all about gardening at our house this weekend.   We have had an awesome spring and everything is growing so well......and early!  It has been quite windy for the past few days but that works out excellent for me because  I have a very low tolerance for flies....especially fly bites, so when it's windy the fly problem is almost nonexistent.  (About five summers ago, I developed a pretty nasty reaction to a fly bite, so I have to be very careful about that now)

I love the outdoors all year round, especially summer.  We often eat three meals a day on our back deck when the weather is good--this was possible because we have an awesome screen-gazebo that Roger puts up right on the deck every summer.   I have been saying how much I would love to have a real gazebo and this year, Roger stripped out the entire back deck and he is building a gazebo!!!!!!  I am super excited and I can't wait to get to the stage where I can buy furniture for this new outdoor living room.  We do a lot of entertaining and all of our friends love the outdoor scene.  We usually take turns having get-togethers in each others yards for fires and barbeques, so our gazebo will not be unused.

Yesterday (Saturday), we got a nice surprise....right in the middle of our gardening...Rana called to say she was coming home for a couple of nights.  She had originally planned to come out in the middle of next week, but she decided to come on out on the weekend so that on her days off in the middle of next week, she could spend her time with Mark.  They both do shift work, and are in the midst of their own gardening and pre-summer preparation stuff.  I think that is the real bonus to shift-work----the ability to do things in the middle of the week when it's not "busy weekend time" for everybody......but I don't do shift-work, so people that do may feel differently.

Rana is an avid gardener and loves to pitch in whenever gardening is on the agenda!!!  Here is a picture of Rana mowing our front lawn today......

Our yard is pretty big and we have a lot of mowing, so I didn't refuse when she offered to do the front section.

After we finished up our gardening, we took Bailey(Rana & Mark's mini schnauzer), for a walk on the spectacular Middle Brook Walking trail.

How could anyone tire of these sights??  
We are so blessed to be able to take a relaxing, safe walk on this trail  right in town.  It's accessible almost all year round...all year round if you like to snowshoe!!

Bailey especially loves this walk because she can stop in many different
 places along the way for a cool refreshing drink of water.   She was pretty pooped after her long walk today, see for yourself...