Sunday, 25 May 2014

Greenspond Icebergs

One of the prettiest little towns on the island of Newfoundland has to be Greenspond.  It takes close to an  hour to drive there from where I live.  My dad was born and raised on the island and Mom and Dad moved back there for a few years after they married in St. John's.  My two oldest sisters were born there as well.  When we were kids, we would drive down and go across to Greenspond on a small ferry/mail boat.  We would stay with one of my dad's two brothers---Uncle Job or Uncle Jim (Burry).  Uncle Job had ducks and we would love to have fresh duck eggs for breakfast--we would have so much fun!  I have so many fond memories of going to the little general store that the locals referred to as "the shop".

The sun peeked out today so hubby and I took the opportunity to take a drive down to Greenspond to have a look at the icebergs.  We weren't disappointed----take a look...................

When we visited on holiday as kids there were all dirt roads and there was one hill, called Benny's Hill that seemed so steep.  It just doesn't seem so steep when we are driving over it and it has been paved......

There are many beautiful old homes there and the rugged landscape is so picturesque.  In addition, no matter what time of year, the brisk breeze blowing off the Atlantic Ocean makes you fell so alive!

I can recall when my uncle was lighthouse keeper on Puffin Island, a small island just outside of Greenspond. I remember going out to Puffin Island on one of our holiday visits---it was exciting and scary at the same time.  It would get foggy at night and the fog horn seemed so scary.  We were not at all used to the ocean or boats, so we were certainly out of our element when we went there.  I remember our dad telling us how special it was that we had the opportunity to get out there. Here is a shot of Puffin Island in all it's magnificence, from Greenspond. 

We went to see icebergs, and icebergs we saw.....................

What an awesome Sunday drive.  I am so blessed to live where I do, sometimes I grumble 
about the snow and strange weather, but I honestly wouldn't trade it for anything!


Saturday, 24 May 2014

Wedding Countdown now in high gear!!!!!

Where does time go???  It seems like it was only yesterday that this little girl was trotting around our house, always dragging a piece of her favorite blanket.  We are over the moon with joy because in just two weeks, this little beauty........

Rana at age 2 :)

will go from........

The out-of-province family starts to arrive this coming weekend, so we are a tad bit busy preparing for our guests.  We are soooooooo happy and can't wait for the big day!!!!!  Roger and I are going to the city on Wednesday but most of the family aren't coming out until the day of the wedding.  Hopefully the weather will improve and we'll see some sunshine and have warmer temperatures.  I'll post updates (with photos) as events start to unfold!!


Saturday, 10 May 2014

Happy Mother's Day!!!

The above photo is of one of my most prized possessions.  
It is a picture that our daughter made for me when she was just 4!
In less than a month she is getting married to a wonderful  man.
That is what Mother's Day means to me.   
Cherish the little things---they are what count the most!!

Happy Mother's Day to everyone it fits....moms, aunts, grandmas, sisters and friends.


Tuesday, 6 May 2014

May Snow for Gambo

I thought that April showers were supposed to bring May flowers!!!!!!!!!!!  What happened???  We awoke this morning to find a picture perfect "White Christmas" scene in our yard!!!!  Hang on, there's more.......10 cm today and a further 2-4 cm overnight tonight....Come On!!!!!!!!!  Is this winter ever going to end???



Oh well, at least it looks clean----haha!!