Monday, 23 April 2012

Tom & Trudy in Calgary, April 2012

"T" is for Twins, Tom & Trudy.....

Let's start with Twins.  I have always been fascinated by twins.  The whole reproduction thing and birth itself still amazes me.  But to have two babies (or more..eeek!) at once is bewildering.
My mom had seven children.  Two boys died in infancy.  The twins are the youngest.  At the time she was carrying the twins, there was my oldest sister Charlotte, then Brenda Sue and moi. 

Enter...stage left....the twins!!!!!  

Trudy Roxanne and Thomas Richard weighed in at a whopping 8 lb 4 ozs and 8 lb 6 ozs respectively!!!  They were beautiful...and we had a boy!  Ironically, all my sister's & I have had girls.  Our only brother Tom, had a girl and a boy!  As a point of interest, the beautiful Sophie, featured in yesterday's post, is Tom's only grandchild, from his daughter, Courtney.  So we are counting on Tom's only son, Aaron, to have a boy to carry on the "Burry" pressure Aaron!! ha ha


"T" is for Travel Bug

Travel Bug is an awesome travel supply store, with two locations in St. John's.  Click on this link and check it out for yourself.  You can find all kinds of neat gadgets and travel accessories.

I love to travel......haven't done much of it.....yet.  There is something about the whole packing and checking your passport, booking flights, and planning your itinerary that makes me act like a kid at Christmas.  As much as I love to travel, I am petrified of flying.  Thankfully, my doctor gave me a little something to help with that.  It is amazing beyond belief how relaxed I am, and how much more poor Roger enjoys traveling now...minus my fingernails digging into his leg or arm.

My dream vacation for the future is a trip to Europe.  I would love to go for about three weeks, do a Mediterranean cruise for 8-10 nights and then spend about a week in Ireland and Scotland.  My sister Brenda has challenged us siblings and all of our offspring to go for a Mediterranean cruise to celebrate her birthday in a couple of years----I won't mention which number we'll be celebrating--ha ha !!!!  So, maybe that can be the "kick-off" point for Roger & I for our European Dream vacation!!

Happy Monday everyone.