Saturday, 26 January 2013


Hi everyone

You must be wondering why I've been "Missing in Action"!!  Well, I do have a valid excuse/reason.  I'm back to what?, many might say...but I have a contract in the city (3 hours away).  I started back on January 14 and I am contracted up to March 28.  It takes a bit of getting used to, and I am training to use some programs that I've never had to use before.  All fun and games...ha ha.

I am really enjoying it though, and I love getting to stay at Mark & Rana's for these upcoming few weeks. 

We had an engagement party for Mark & Rana on Saturday night........

The party went really well.  Roger wowed the masses with some of his signature treats like stuffed baked arctic char, sauteed shrimp, and his own smoked Atlantic salmon.

I made crab dip and chili & cheese dip.  Rana made mini cupcakes with cream cheese frosting--she also made a cream cheese dip served with chocolate wafer cookies---ummmmm-mmm!  


I drove home on Thursday for the weekend, and I took a few minutes to touch base here.  I do have my camera carried to St. John's and plan to start getting some photos and trying to get back to least once a week until this contract is up and I get back home.  My work is in a beautiful area of the city that I'm not real familiar with, but just eight minutes to drive each way.  The building I\m working in is actually right on Quidi Vidi lake, where the St, John's Regatta is held every August.  Once I get right into the swing of things, I plan to take my camera to work some days and get out to get some photos.  Of course, that will be weather dependent too.

Speaking of weather----it's been brutal!   Minus 16-18 degrees Celsius daily, not including the wind chill!!  I must say it's been awhile since we've had a cold snap like this...hope it soon passes!  According to the forecast, there is hope.....

Long Term Forecast Updated:Saturday, January 26, 2013, 8:30NST

January 27
January 28
January 29
January 30
January 31
February 1
6am - 6pm
Variable cloudiness Cloudy periods Mainly sunny Cloudy periods Snow Variable cloudiness
Variable cloudiness Cloudy periods Mainly sunny Cloudy periods Snow Variable cloudiness
P.O.P. 20 % 20 % 10 % 20 % 90 % 20 %
High -9 °C -9 °C -8 °C -5 °C 1 °C 0 °C
Feels Like -19 -20 -21 -12 -7 -8
Low -15 °C -15 °C -16 °C -11 °C -2 °C -4 °C
Wind W  25 km/h NW  25 km/h NW  25 km/h SE  10 km/h SW  35 km/h SW  25 km/h
24-Hr Snow - - - close to 5 cm close to 10 cm -

Anyway---better run, my coffee is cold and my laundry needs doing--haha!