Tuesday, 12 June 2012

The little things that mean so much............

Another beautiful day.......

Natural woodpecker house in a piece of old trembling aspen

The chickadees took up residence after Roger did some minor upgrades (like shingles on the roof)--ha ha
"Up close and personal" with one of our cedars

Rhododendrons about to burst into full bloom!

White lilacs following suit.

Hosta right at the base of an old birch in the front yard

The promise of peonies

A scarce apple blossom on the old apple tree

The beginnings of a good crop of chuckley pears in our back yard.

These blueberries that I bought today make it feel like summer....

 Should I sprinkle them with sugar, like mom used to do for us as kids??????

Last, but certainly not least, a few snaps of a set of dishes that Roger gave me from Rana, on her first Christmas, back in 1986.  The next day, on my birthday (December 26th), Rana's birthday gift to me was her very first tooth!!