Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Happy Hump Day!!

....and ROD---Republic of Doyle Day !  I absolutely love that show.  The still shots of the harbor and the city are amazing.

Well, I think I'll commit to the A-Z challenge.  A couple of times today, I found myself thinking about what I'll blog about for different letters, so I guess, I'm in.

Did you know that today is Lady Gaga's 26th birthday?  She has certainly made her mark at an early age, that's for sure.  If you haven't already...and I can't imagine anyone that hasn't...take a listen to some of her music.  She is pretty amazing!

I wonder how Gaga would like wearing this lovely outfit from 100 years ago!!!.....

Check out more on spring fashions from 100 years ago at

Gotta go---ROD is coming on!

Good night ;o)


  1. *sigh* Lady Gaga.... :)

  2. I love Gaga, but I was hoping for an A to Z post...

  3. I love ROD. It is because of that show that I started looking up things about Newfoundland and found some great blogs to read. I live in BC and have never been farther east than Ontario where I was born.I had never given any thought at all to how different the east coast is to the west coast and so amazed to see the iceburgs.