Monday, 9 April 2012

"H" is for Halifax and Having fun!

In Septembr of 2011, we went to New York City and took a Canada/New England cruise.  It was beautiful.  The first stop was Halifax, Nova Scotia.  We spent an entire day there, just roaming around in the downtown area.  It was such a different perspective to do it that way, no driving or worrying about rush hour traffic.  We just wandered around--did the touristy thing, knowing that when we were ready, we could just slip back on to the beautiful ship.

We walked for a bit at the Dalhousie campus......

We did a tour of the Moosehead brewery......

 Of course, we had to stop for ice-cream.  Dave caused quite a stir as he tried to 
milk the gigantic cow out front (ha ha)..................

We always seemed to find our way into the neatest little pubs ( at the most unusual early hours of the day).

They say that's what happens on cruises, you lose track of all time---It was awesome!....................
Can't wait for the next one ;o)


  1. I was born in New York City! Lived in NY for the first 30 years of my life before moving south. I't nice there but very costly to live. Now Canada, a place I'd love to visit but have never been!I have some blog friends from Halifax, from the pictures they've shown on their blog it is beautiful there. Looks like you have a great time..

  2. Jen

    We always dreamed of going to New York City---it was quite a culture shock for us---we live in a little town with one little supermarket, a pharmacy, and one little liquor store. As you can imagine Time Square blew me away! We loved it was almost surreal. I'm glad I took lots of photos because now I look at them and remember so much that just was sort of unnoticed at the time because it was visual, audio & information overload.

    I am featuring my favorite things about New York City for my letter "N". Guess what my favorite building in NYC was and wait to see if you were right!!!!

    Thanks for stopping by again---

  3. I love going to NYC! I have been many times but my favorite was my 40th birthday trip with my sisters.
    That photo of you guys in the giant chair is hilarious!
    That beer flight in the last photos looks yummy.

  4. Sounds like a neat trip!

    Good luck with the challenge!

    Dianna Fielding