Thursday, 30 August 2012

Four more "Ticks" for my Bucket List!!

My Summer 2012 "Bucket List" that is on my refrigerator is starting to look pretty in pink, as I slowly strike off the items it contains.

Over the past few weeks, I have taken out another four items--they are.....

Lie on the ground and watch clouds...

This one looked like the map of Newfoundland, so I ran inside to grab my camera,but it had dispersed a lot by the time I got back out, but the resemblance is still evident here.

Map of the Newfoundland portion of Newfoundland and\Labrador

I remember spending hours, as kids, lying on our backs cloud-watching....we'd find elephants, fish, cars, and so much more.  Great memories.  We should take the time to do it more often.

Next off the list is..
Eat fries in downtown St. John's 

Drenched in malt vinegar.....Yummy!!

The smell pulls you in from afar..ha ha

Wear a dress....
I have worn a t-shirt dress once or twice, but when I made my list, I was thinking of something a little fancier, but there hasn't been a "fancy-dress" occasion, but I think my casual dress warrants taking that one off my list too.

Last, but not least......A walk in the summer rain.

We haven't had much rain this summer, but I did make a point to take a stroll in the rain on one occasion.  We were having showers between intense sun and heat all day, so I laced on my runners and headed out. 

I drove to my favorite trail, around Middle Brook Falls. I didn't take my camera....for obvious reasons, but you'll have to take my word for it. It was amazing.  Everything transforms when it's raining...things sound so different and even smells different.  

I am so lucky live in a place where I can simply go outside and take a walk in the summer rain.  We often lose sight of the fact that not everyone has that privilege.

“Life is like a rainbow. You need both the sun and the rain to make its colors appear.”


 Cheers everyone, have a great long weekend!


  1. There are some things I can't seem to get enough of... cloud watching is one. At least this doesn't add to my expanding waistline and butt!

  2. Thankyou for your visit to my blog and for leaving a comment, I look forward to welcoming you back often. I will become a follower here and add you to the blog roll so that we can keep in touch. I still watch clouds!

  3. I love the idea of a summer (or any season) bucket list! I was so happy to find Skywatch Friday years ago to learn that I wasn't the only grownup who still loves to watch clouds! But must admit that I mostly do it sitting instead of lying down ;>)!

  4. Those fries look so yummy!

    Glad you're having a happy and productive summer. I've never done a bucket list but I'm sure enjoying following you doing yours.