Thursday, 13 September 2012

Bird Watching after "The Storm"

Well-we survived Tropical Storm Leslie!!

Folks in this area were bracing for a repeat of Hurricane Igor of September of 2010, but thank goodness, it was not to be this time around.  Not to say that many parts of the province weren't hit hard.  In fact there was massive flooding on our west coast and the winds really took a toll on the eastern and Avalon portions of the island, especially in the capital city of St. John's.

Last evening. between my bike ride and my regular nightly visit with Mom, it was so beautiful outside I decided to take my camera and go for a little drive.  I was drawn out around the shore of the bay.  The light was so beautiful  and the water was literally like a mirror---quite a contrast to the day before.  I wished it could stay like it for another few hours---I was really in the mood to take some snaps!!  On nights like this, it is not hard to be reminded how lucky I am to live in a place like this.  Sometimes the beauty around me almost takes my breath away.  What do you think??


I also got a few shots of some seabirds.  These are called Greater Yellowlegs.  There are lots of 
different birds on this shore.  Here's a few shots of the yellowlegs.......

Hope you like these photos.
Have a great weekend!


  1. You ARE lucky to have such beautiful surroundings... and a camera, so you can share them with those of us less fortunate.

  2. Likewise to you---I always so look forward to your posts!!!!

  3. FABULOUS photos!!!

  4. Wonderful pictures. You live in a great place.

  5. Wow, I just looked you up on a map to see exactly where Newfoundland is - you are way north of me. It must get really cold and snowy up there. I will totally enjoy seeing pictures of your beautiful country when that season arrives. I love winter and winter weather. Of course I am so far south of you (Maryland, USA), that my winter probably feels like fall.

    Great pictures.

  6. I think it looks as though you live in a beautiful and serene spot.

  7. Thanks for visiting my blog...I enjoy cooking, baking, canning, gardening, etc...but most of all HOOKING>..will take another look around your blog when I get a little extra time..Love your photos...such a beautiful spot, too...I live in Heaven, too...:)

  8. Hey everyone

    Thanks for stopping by!

    Yes, I do live in a most amazing place. I love all four seasons, but I do think that Fall is my favorite. The Fall colors around here are extraordinary (I'll be posting lots of Fall pictures), and I love Christmas so much that I am literally like a child and start getting really excited about Christmas as early as late September. My hubby stands by one rule Christmas music until Dec 1---at least not when he's home--ha ha!!