Sunday, 21 October 2012

Gambo Pond--at her "Fall Finest" !!!!

The awesome weather has been consistent around here.  Yesterday, 
October 20, 17 degrees & Sunny!!!!

Roger and I got on the bike and headed East as far as Maccles Lake.  It was a perfect day. 
We started out going through the Gambo Trailway underpass, which is a multi-plate culvert.  
This tunnel replaced the underpass that was used by the trains, years ago, 
 when they were still running.  
What a tragedy, that the trains no longer run in this beautiful big province. 

We ate lunch on a bridge over Northwest Brook, between Gambo and Glovertown.


After a couple of hours of sunshine and fresh air, we headed back toward home.  
We were drawn to Gambo Pond,where we spent a little time down in the 
eastern end--closest to Gambo.  
The pond was was just one of those days.  
Just take a look............

Looking towards Drover's Beach

Have a great week, everyone.


  1. The images are fantastic, but 17 degrees??? Holy cow, that would be dead winter for us and we don't even usually get THAT cold! Brrr!

  2. Oh... you use celsius, don't you, which would be in the low 60s, right? Now THAT temp WOULD be pleasant!

    1. Yep----we use Celsius!! ;o)

      It's been a marvelous Fall.

  3. Stunning photos - how lovely that it is staying nice at the weekend for you. Here in the UK, guess what, yes rain, rain and more rain ....

    1. I know---we have been really lucky----we usually gets lots of RDF(rain-drizzle-fog)too. ;o)

  4. you are sure getting great shots with your camera and your new lens!

    1. I'm really enjoying the opportunity to get out and do a bit of photography!