Thursday, 11 October 2012

Good News!!!

My mom finally got her reports yesterday---no liver cancer!!!!   Yay-----did I say YAY???!!!!!!!

I have been keeping a really low profile in "blog-land"---hopefully get right back on track now!!

Fall evening sky--view from Butts Pond trestle area
This picture is definitely worth a thousand's like the sky is clearing and the sun is shining!!!!!!
We are all so relieved...just have to deal with the bowel issue now---hopefully she'll have surgery in the next couple of weeks.....We are all so happy with that!

Have a great week,my friends


  1. So pleased - what good news for you and your mum and your family. What a weight off your shoulders. Good luck for the coming surgery. Lovely picture, yes, it does say it all.

  2. Wow that is good news! I've been up in NY so I've been out of it for a bit but good news is always welcome. Regards.

  3. Great news Kathy!

    Sherry A

  4. That's awesome news Kathy! So happy for you all! Your mother is a strong woman -I am sure she will conquer any "poopy" problem!
    Stephanie :)