Sunday, 20 May 2012

Kreativ Blogger Award

Well--it seems I have been nominated for a blogger's award!!!  The fact that it was my daughter who nominated me has not lessened my excitement about this whole thing. 

The Kreativ Blogger Award does come with some rules. To accept the award, you must first:
1.  Post ten random things about yourself
2.  Nominate 6 other bloggers

Ten Random Things about me:

10.  My birthday is Boxing Day-December 26th
  9.  I love olives
  8.  I have a motorcycle license
  7.  I can't swim
  6.  I finished my university degree in the same semester that our daughter did her first semester
  5.  I love wine---white more than red, but white gives me a bad headache if I drink too much
  4.  I love Bruce Springsteen...I have his albums, 8 tracks, cassettes, and now CD's & DVD's
  3.  I am a middle child---two older sisters and one of each--younger sister and brother (a twin)
  2.  I love writing and secretly always dreamed of writing and publishing a book
  1.  If I am ever blessed enough to get grandchildren, I want them to call me Grammy

So the six bloggers that I nominate ( in no particular order) are:

3.  we'


Last, but not least---
Thank you Rana, for the nomination....I am honored to accept!


  1. Thanks Kathleen this is so very appreciated. I'm feeling very popular today :) That's two Kreativ Blogger awards for me today.

    If it makes you happy to know this, I was going to give the one I got from another Blogger to you.

    Your blog was one of my very favorites on A-Z. You know what? Why shouldn't I just go ahead and give it to you again as deserve it! And I'll mention your blog just probably not for at least a few days.

    1. Thanks so much....I am flattered that you gave me the Kreativ Blogger Award too!!

      I am slowly getting back into it....a few bumps over the past week, but I enjoy this so much.

      Congratulations on your weight loss...I am so glad you are already feeling the benefits of eating healthy and being is very'll have to buy all new clothes in a few weeks for summer!!!!!

      Take care ;o)

  2. mom- you are very welcome for the award, I love your blog... and i love the new photo/color scheme on your blog now too!! ;O)

  3. Ohhhh - thanks for nominating me! I am chuffed :0)
    I loved discovering you on "A-Z Blogging Challange", let's hope nxt year's just as successful.

    1. No problem...I enjoy your blog very much....I emailed you and asked what "Chuffed" means...I hope you'll post your reply so everyone can see the meaning of the word.....and possibly where it is commonly used...very interesting!!

      Cheers ;o)

  4. Hi Kathleen, congrats on your award.
    'Chuffed' to me means 'very pleased' - we use the phrase 'chuffed to bits.'
    new follower from A - Z

  5. Hi Sally

    Thanks for that---I figured that it meant something of that nature. It is nice to hear words or phrases from different areas.