Saturday, 28 July 2012

Off-Roading in Newfoundland in July

Here are a few photos of a little off-roading Roger & I did yesterday--Friday, July 27.

It was 29* Celsius...just a glorious afternoon.  I packed us some tuna wraps, loads of fresh fruit and cold beverages and we took off for a few hours. 

We started out at the Gambo trestle.......

Meandered in to Butts Pond, and saw two loons..

The trees are loaded with "Old Man's Beard" in the trails around Butt's Pond.....

 This is a view of the pond area from Butts Pond trestle...

 Mushrooms with your onion, anyone??????

How about some cracker berry jam?

....wild raspberry jam??

or....wild blueberries?????

Tons of lily pads around the shoreline at Dark Cove Pond.......

On our way back home, just off the old railway track by Dark Cove Pond, we caught a glimpse of some pitcher plants---Newfoundland's official plant.  They were way out on the marsh and I couldn't get a great shot because I didn't have any rubber boots.  They are real pretty though

Cheers Everyone ;o)


  1. 84 degrees sounds almost tolerable, depending on the humidity level. Nice shots! I'll be glad when I can get out of this house and find something to shoot. I've taken photos of everything around my yard, multiple times and there just isn't anything interesting to shoot! Not even a dang butterfly!

    1. I love all your photos.

      I think that my favorite thing to photograph is the food that I cook or bake.

      I took some shots last night of the sunset, but there was a lot of cloud form low on the horizon, so they weren't what I was hoping for. I think I will post a few later though.

      Have a great Sunday ;o)

  2. Great pictures, interesting bridges those trestle ones! From the pictures they look like rusted iron..... I've never heard of cracker berries, are they related to any specific berries? I don't think we get them here in the UK.

    1. Hey Sally

      The trestles are the last remnants of the railway that used to operate on the island of Newfoundland. We no longer use rail, but the provincial government has kept up the entire rail bed right across Newfoundland and it is used as a recreational trail system. It is a great for tourism---People come across the Gulf on the ferry with their All Terrain Vehicles, and tour the island on their ATV's.

      You are exactly right...these trestles were made from iron & timber. They built trestles to get the trains over rivers and streams. The first photo is of a trestle that we used to jump from to swim as kids--it's in Gambo South.

      The cracker berry is a very common wild berry in our province. I don't think they are widely consumed, at least not in our region. They are edible though. Here's a little blurb I found....

      BUNCHBERRIES (Cornus canadensis)

      Known locally as Cracker Berries, these bright orange berries seem to line woodland paths and fields. Distinctive taste but are quite edible. Very high in pectin they are often added to jams and jellies.

      Cheers to you!!

  3. great pics! hopefully we can do this when I come home on my holidays in August.