Saturday, 5 January 2013

Merry "Old Christmas Day"!!!

Here in Newfoundland, on January 6, we celebrate "Old Christmas Day".  This date marks the twelfth day of Christmas. Usually, Christmas trees and other decorations are left up until this date.  Years ago, most rural Newfoundlanders celebrated heartily on each of the twelve days of Christmas.

I didn't decorate this year like I usually do, but I did manage to put up a few things early in Decemeber before my Mom got really sick.  Here are a few pictures of the last remnants of Christmas from around our house this year..............

A vintage sleigh that I bought at a Yard Sale several years ago....I love it.

I love the blurred look of the lights on this one....I had my camera set to "No Flash' so my shutter was open for a long time and my movement gave this effect.

It is a beautiful sunny day here today, only -4 Celsius, so hubby took advantage of the good weather and took all the outdoor stuff down.

I like to do my mantel different each year...this year it was very simple...but still "Christmas-ey"
I got up bright and early this morning and "de-christmasized" my house on the inside.  I must say it feels good to move everything and give it a good dusting and put things back in their rightful place.  I feel like I may have to take my camera and go for a good long walk this afternoon.  Hopefully I'll get some good shots to share later in the week.



  1. You put up a lot more decorations than I did, I didn't put up any.

    Hope you get out and take some shots to share with me! It's been so ugly here, I haven't been out in days and days. I was so desperate today, I shot some raindrops from the front porch!

  2. Love the shot of the outdoor lights :)

  3. Your decorations are lovely, classy and elegant. I hope you are coping at this tough time.

    1. Thanks Sally---we are all actually doing very well. Our Mom was a wonderful, independent and very active lady--you'd never guess that she was 87! She told us all that she had a wonderful life and nobody gets to live forever---that brings us great comfort. When we realized that she wasn't going to get better, we did not want her to drag on for a long time and suffer. She actually slipped into a deep peaceful sleep-another great blessing.
      Enjoy your weekend.

  4. It is wonderful to decorate for Christmas but somehow it feels good to go back to the usual house deco we have. In here will be less worries about the cats chewing on the Christmas tree and we scolding them all the time.
    Lovely sleigh!! We wish all the best for you in the new year!
    I have a give-away at the blog. If you have time stop in for a visit and your friends too!! Have a great weekend!