Sunday, 17 February 2013

Beans & Bologna at Shitty Cove Angle

What a beautiful Saturday!!!!!
Sunny--2 Degrees Celsius--lots of snow down----perfect day for a ride on snowmobile.

We headed out around 10:00 am first took a run into First Burnt Pond.  The scenery is spectacular and there were lots of people out, doing exactly what we were--enjoying the glorious winter sun.  We stopped and chatted with some trout fishers, who happened to be catching some great looking brook trout. After a brief stop there, we went off and did some fabulous trail riding for about an hour or so.  We were starting to get thirsty and hungry, so we headed  back for my favorite lunch spot---the prettiest little spot on Square Pond---known by the locals as Shitty Cove Angle.

What do you think????.....

When we drove up, we startled two black ducks...I managed to get a shot of them in flight, but I 
should have had a different lens on my camera, but didn't have time to change it.

Just before we got to our lunch spot, we came upon this......

It looks like someone drove into the water......but upon  a closer look, you would see the 
snowmobile  tracks on the other side of the open water.....SCARY stuff in my books.  
This is a common practice among the young drivers on the real fast snowmobiles...
they call it "Water Skipping".  
They approach the small body of water at high speed, continue across the water and (hopefully)
reach the other side and drive off----like I said.....SCARY STUFF!!!!!

We found a good sunny spot with some old dead trees that we could take down for fire 
work and set up to have a great meal.......Beans, bologna and toast on an open fire.  
I perked some extra strong coffee to bring in a thermos, so when we boiled the kettle we just 
had to add  some boiling water and it was just right.....yummy :o)


Fine Dining---Newfoundland Winter Outdoor Style

Hope you all got to do something fabulous this weekend too...have a great week.


  1. It sounds like a fun thing to do. I love baked beans but never had with toast, I shall try one of these days! It is even more fun with a such a pretty plate! Whau, you have lots of more snow than we do here. Beautiful nature all around.

    1. Thanks Angela---we usually get a lot of snow and it hangs around for a long time, so we usually try to make the most of it...dress up warm and go out and have fun in it.

  2. Hey Kathy,

    Hope all is well. Love reading your blog. Looks like you had a great day on snowmobile. Would have loved to get together the other day when you were in this way, maybe next time.

    Sherry A

    1. Hi Sherry

      Hopefully we'll get together next time...we'll give more notice :o)

  3. I have nominated you for the Liebster Award! You will need to see the game and the rules at my last post. I was nominated by a friend and had to choose some followers and tag them. It is fun!

  4. Can't believe those fool-hardy folk who drive snowmobiles across open water ! They're young and think they're immortal. Love that outdoor meal in the snow !

    Best wishes from Eastern Passage (Nova Scotia)

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  6. This brings back so many memories Thank you for sharing ....I love your blog ....