Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Countdown to dream vacation.......

In just two weeks, we will be spending three days  in London, England......

.........then two days and two nights in Dover, England.....

  before we board a cruise ship for a 12-night cruise of the Baltic Sea.......   

Then, back to London for one last night.  We booked our last night in London at The Crowne Plaza hotel, which according to a very reliable little birdie, just happens to be in the vicinity of some pretty awesome shopping----

Can you tell that I'm a little excited!!??!!

The suitcases are on the bed in one spare room, and evening wear, dressy shoes
 and passports are laying out in anticipation on the bed in another.  
I'll give more details in the coming days.  I plan to take tons of photos, so you'll 
get to see a VERY DETAILED ACCOUNT when we return.



  1. I'm way too cheap for a trip like that, plus, I hate to travel... so I'll just enjoy yours!

  2. Enjoy your trip Cathy! We have to catch up when you return.

    Sherry A