Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Pretty in Pink........

The rhododendrons are bursting with these pretty pink blooms......

 This bee made me think of the popular saying......"busy as a bee...."

 Aren't they pretty???

 I couldn't resist taking a small cutting to bring a little color inside.....

The azalea is coming along nicely too, after about three springs of me thinking it was an unusual, but pretty weed.  It would be about 5 feet tall had I realized that it was something that I had actually planted there......duuuhhh!!

The gooseberry bush is loaded with little marble sized berries....mmm-mmm, can't wait to be able to pick these.

My snowball tree is loaded down pretty good too---they are a real pale lime green color now...when they turn white, they are just like big fluffy snowballs!!

Cheers from my garden to yours!


  1. Lovely photos - I've never heard of a snowball tree before, it looks fantastic.

  2. Lovely photos! Are snow balls different from Hydrangeas? They look similar but this is much taller plant the hydrangeas I have seen. Beautiful! Wishing you a great Summer!

  3. The snowball tree is pretty common around here. You can buy them at any local nursery. The proper name would be Viburnum opulus Sterile. Just Google snowball tree---they are quite pretty. Mine now stands about 8 feet tall and is about 5 feet in diameter--it's only about six years old--it was about a foot tall when I brought it home from the nursery. A friend of ours has one that is about 12-13 feet tall and just about the same in diameter.

    I don't have a hydrangea, but I do so love them......mmmm---maybe I should take a trip to the nursery-ha ha!! My garden is actually pretty full, but I think I could squeeze in a blue hydrangea!!!!

  4. All the blooms are gorgeous and your photos are awesome! Excellent job on the bee capture!

  5. Thanks Ms A

    I actually thought of you when I looked through the shots I had taken and saw this one.
    I love all of your "bugs and tiny creatures" photos!!!