Friday, 23 August 2013

Last Port of Call---Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the last port of call before the ship heads back to Dover.  Words cannot express what a trip this has been.  We couldn't believe that this was the last day of our much anticipated 12-day Baltic cruise. It far exceeded all of our expectations in every way.  I really don't know if I could pick a favorite port---they have all been magnificent.  I do know that I would love to get back to each one someday!
Have a look at a few shots of Amsterdam..........

This was a picture from our balcony just before the ship came in to port......

the canals are totally magical....

there are beautiful old buildings on every corner.......

I totally fell in love with this building.......

Below here is the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam-(The Museum of Tbe Netherlands).....

Cheese making is huge in Amsterdam,

and we REALLY enjoyed all the tastings we had.......

it was so hard to decide on just a few to bring back.........

We watched as people just sat out on their tiny decks, then hopped in their boat or arrived back from the market.....just dreamy.

Bikes, bikes everywhere.  Every manner of business is carried out by bicycle.  It's just amazing to see men in business suits and beautiful women in fabulous clothes and high heels on their way to or from work and meetings.....on their bikes!!

Of course a visit to Amsterdam wouldn't be complete without checking out the Coffee Shops and the Red Light District......yep, it's all there---just like you read about!!!!  
That part of Amsterdam was totally amazing, so different from our cultural norms.
As we made our way back towards the ship, we had one last stop we wanted to make.  
We had heard about a fabulous rooftop bar at the Okura Hotel in Amsterdam, and..............
we found it!!!!

and look at the view........

Amsterdam was AMAZING!!!!!



  1. what a gorgeous place!! it evokes such a feeling of a peiceful calm!!

    i just adore all those waterways!!

  2. All beautiful! Seeing all the interesting old architecture in the big middle of all the modern busyness, seems rather like a juxtaposition.

  3. Beautiful!! Love the photos. We went through Amesterdam long time ago but it was a shame that we did not got to see the city. We were passing through in our way to Africa. Love your photos. It does seems like a wonderful place for a vacation.

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