Sunday, 13 October 2013

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!!

Lots of friendship, food and fun all around this weekend to be thankful for.  Friends came over on Saturday and we just sat around the fireplace and had a few glasses of wine......

 Sharon made the most delicious brie and we baked it at our house when they arrived..........yummmy!!
She wrapped the brie and some pecans in a puff pastry, then drizzled it with Kahlua.  It was the best I've had........and we've tried many different brie recipes!
We also tried a new shooter recipe.  This one simply consisted of Butterscotch Ripple, Bailey's and a topping of whipped cream.

Then on Sunday, eleven of us were at Dave & Sharon's house for the Thanksgiving feast...........
Aren't these little centerpieces so nice.  You could change up the contents of the up-turned wineglass for any occasion.....

Dave and Matthew did a very impressive job carving the turkey....................................
 Ray, Sharon's dad, brought fresh potatoes and carrot from his own garden...
 Sharon's mom, Sis whipped the peas pudding to perfection.....
And of course, the crowning glory to any meal at Dave & Sharon's -------one of Sharon's fabulous desserts.  This one was a frozen cheesecake topped with slivered roasted almonds and toasted coconut, drizzled with caramel------need I say more??

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  I hope you had the good fortune to spend it with great friends like we did.


  1. YUMMMMM!! Sharon put off quite the feed! Wish I was there for some of that dessert!

  2. What a great weekend you have had! Everything looks so good. Great centrepiece idea, I've not seen that before it is the perfect size for the dinner table. We are having our Thanksgiving dinner on Monday. Happy week.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving... and it does look quite plentiful and delicious!

  4. Happy Thanksgiving time! I know it passed but still ...I had to wish a good Thanksgiving!
    The food looks marvelous!! We have to wait till November, I am already hungry for turkey!
    P.S. I am quitting my blog for now, so I posted my last post. I may get back someday in the future. Many thanks for your visits and kind comments! Hugs from central US!