Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Gambo Pond trout & smelt!

Hubby & I took a trip up to Gambo Pond on the weekend.  We spent Saturday night with Dave & Sharon, at their beautiful cabin.  The pond was quite icy, so we opted to take the road......all the way up to Second Pond....beautiful snowmobile ride.  This is a shot of Mint Brook, taken from the bridge.......
Getting close........just down this road and up to the right......

One nice trout in the frying pan is better than a dozen in the pond......yummy!!!!

A good friend, Craig and a some of his buddies dropped by, on their way back from smelting.  They gave us a dozen nice big smelt. Roger fried them as an appetizer before supper.

Just before we went inside for the evening, I snapped this shot of the sunset from the front verandah...

We had an awesome night.....look at this hypnotizing fire........mmmmm, so cozy!



  1. What a nice relaxing weekend for you. Great photos you got, love how crisp the snow looks. I bet those smelt were wonderful.

  2. Great photos, what a wonderful weekend.

  3. Such beautiful nature. My husband and my son just loves to go fishing. This post reminded me of them. Beautiful photos.