Tuesday, 6 May 2014

May Snow for Gambo

I thought that April showers were supposed to bring May flowers!!!!!!!!!!!  What happened???  We awoke this morning to find a picture perfect "White Christmas" scene in our yard!!!!  Hang on, there's more.......10 cm today and a further 2-4 cm overnight tonight....Come On!!!!!!!!!  Is this winter ever going to end???



Oh well, at least it looks clean----haha!!


  1. There's an old wives tale from Newfoundland that my Grandma used to say to me about how May snow was good for your complexion. Quick! Inform all the teens! They'll be really impressed. (Poor island folk.)

  2. OH my goodness. I feel I need to say I'm sorry.
    It is really beautiful but I'm glad it is there and not here. :-)

  3. The snow does look clean (and very beautiful!) I enjoyed reading about and seeing the photos of your lovely "rock" and your recipes look delicious.

  4. That is absolutely beautiful but I am so over snow. Finally got spring!!

  5. Beautiful pics! But I'm ready for sunshine and flowers now! :)