Friday, 18 July 2014

Hot & Sunny in Gambo

We've had a couple weeks of extremely hot weather and lots of sun.  We are not at all used to this heat, but I'm not complaining.  Last night we had rain showers and it was greatly needed. 

This morning I took my camera along on my early morning walk around the trail---before it got too hot.  I got these two mushroom shots in one of my favorite shady spots on the trail.........

Last night's rain is quickly being soaked up by all the parched plants......

Our salmon rivers are very low and at risk of being closed if there is not a lot of rain to bring up the water levels.  The temperature of the water is much too warm as well.  We really need some help from Mother Nature now.  Here is a shot from one of the foot bridges on the Middle Brook walking trail.  hundreds of licensed salmon fishers, from all over our province, come to this area every summer to try their luck at fly-fishing a much coveted Atlantic salmon..  

The water is usually rattling through in this area, and none of the smaller  rocks are ever visible.  Just for comparison purposes, here is a shot of the same area that I took last fall.  You can certainly see the noticeable difference in the water levels........

Hope you all have a safe and happy weekend!

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