Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Gooseberry Chutney

Well--I am amazed by how many gooseberries can grow on one little gooseberry bush------amazed, but very happy!!!!  Yum----these are one of my favorite berries.   Gooseberries are crunchy, tart and sweet--yes, all that in each and every berry.  Click here to learn more about this little gem.

Hubby & I have been picking a few berries here and there, to crunch on as we walked past the bush for the past couple of weeks.  I decided I would take a small container outside to see if there was enough berries to make a small bottle of jam-----wow, there were lots!

I decided to make a small batch of gooseberry chutney......it is delicious!!!  We tried some yesterday on leftover roasted chicken----superb!!!  I know we will really appreciate this delicious concoction during the long winter months.

Here's a photo step-by-step.....from the bush to the bottles:

Eating this brought back wonderful childhood memories.  Our Mom would serve us homemade chutney or relish with fried bologna and mashed potatoes.  This was a popular staple meal when we were growing up.  Click here for the recipe link.  I made up half of this recipe, just to try it, but I'll be making another batch as soon as the rain stops and I can get out in the yard to pick some more gooseberries!



  1. Can't say I've ever tasted a gooseberry.

  2. My grandparents had gooseberry bushes at the end of their garden. My grandmother used to make gooseberry fool - it was delicious.

  3. Loved this post! I'm originally from Nfld but have called Ottawa home for a couple of decades now. I have a gooseberry bush in my back yard and the last few years have been phenomenal for my gooseberry harvest. Last year was the best - this year, not so much. Only about half as many. I did a cranberry gooseberry conserve a couple of years ago and it was delish. And I have to say that everyone seems to love my Strawberry Gooseberry Jam. I'm saving this recipe to try next year!