Sunday, 30 November 2014

Wreath Making in Torbay 2014

The town of Torbay offers a wreath making session every year just in time for Christmas decorating.  My niece lives in Torbay, and this is the second year that we all took part in this fabulous event.  They say you can buy anything these days.  Well, if that is so..this is where you would go to buy your Christmas Spirit!!  The smell of fresh cut boughs, Christmas music playing, squeals of laughter and excited chatter does wonders for the soul.

It is so much fun, and such a bargain!!!!!  For just $7.00 per person, you get a wire wreath form, wire, an endless supply of fresh-cut boughs and a beautiful big handmade ribbon bow.  To top that, there's a fabulous facilitator/instructor helping anyone who needs his assistance, plus fresh coffee, tea, fruit infused ice water & sweets!!!  Did I mention that it's just $7.00 ??!!???  I think this is Torbay's best-kept secret!!!!!

Click here to check out the Torbay's beautiful "Magical Forest" from 2013.  That event didn't happen this year, really a shame because those trees were truly "magical"!!  Hopefully it'll be back next year, and what a place to bring groups of seniors and the sick little kids from the Janeway.  I am not a kid, but those trees from the Magical Forest had something for everyone.

Here are a few snaps of the wreath making session.............

 a couple of ladies next to us had the prettiest accessories for their wreaths....

 here's Rana's.......  we both finish our wreaths at home.......

 The two ladies making the bows for everyone are "The Magical Forest" tree 
decorators......awesome job ladies!!!!

Here's mine, on my front door...I think I may add a little something else to it yet though.....

     Have a great week, everyone!!


  1. Wow! Love the plaid ribbon bow..and the pinecones...

  2. Looks great and WHAT A PRICE!