Sunday, 4 January 2015

Pretty Birds

I caught a few snaps of the birds at our feeders yesterday.

These were taken from our bedroom window.....

On my way out for a walk, I caught a glimpse of this visitor, just resting nonchalantly under a tree in our front yard.........



  1. Lovely juncos at your feeders! The last bird isn't a dove, though, it's a Northern Flicker, a type of woodpecker.

    1. Thanks Karen---actually Roger said it looked like it was from the woodpecker family when I showed him the snaps. I'm going to edit that right now!! :)

  2. Your pictures are great. Newfoundland is high on my list to visit. Hoping to make it to all of the Canadian provinces.

  3. Lucky birds to have you putting out food for them in the cold winter days. Lots of birds around here too, but it's almost impossible to stop the darn tree rats (cute little squirrels) form robbing the bird feeders.
    I've visited NF lots of times, would love to live there but the grandchildren are all in Ontario, and I couldn't bear to not see them. Lots of pics of St Johns and the Avalon on my blog. Love it there! And I was in Flatrock in September, such a pretty place.