Monday, 13 July 2015

The capelin are rolling at Middle Cove beach!

This is the time of year, in Newfoundland, when the capelin roll in.  Middle Cove Beach is a big tourist attraction at any time, but it was especially busy this past weekend.

There is a great sign, located right at the entrance to Middle Cove Beach, explaining the capelin rolling phenomenon...

 There were quite a few people enjoying the excitement..........

 Hubby and I went over to try for a bucket of capelin...............
....but the capelin were not rolling right in on the beach while we were there.  They were just offshore, but we definitely were not dressed for getting out into the water. 

A few brave souls were actually standing out in that frigid salt water, trying their hand with different types of nets.  They were getting capelin, but it was a slow process.

The seagulls were feasting just offshore....

Click here, to view an awesome video of capelin rolling in on a beach---it's unbelievable!



  1. Just being on a beach would be exciting, with, or without fish.

  2. Great pictures. No wonder weather there has been so bad. It may clear up now that the capelin are in.

    1. Hope you are right---we are ready for some sun and warmer temperatures, for sure!!

  3. Whau!!! My husband and son who loves to fish would love this experience! I presume this is in your town right Kathleen? Beautiful area !