Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Ferryland Lighthouse Picnic

Well, I finally got do the Ferryland Lighthouse Picnic!!!!  Not only did I finally get to experience the picnic........I did so with my three sisters, daughter and niece!!! What a "beauty" day we had. Ferryland is about a one hour drive outside the city, but well worth the trek.
We had reservations for 12 noon, so we headed out at about 10 am.  We all piled into hubby's pick-up and yours truly was the pilot!!  We picked up fresh coffees for the road, and had so much fun, just on the drive out.  I won't name the sister who was eating licorice all the way ....but she knows who she is, ha ha!! We were all so delighted with the whole experience that we vowed we would make it an annual event to honor our parent"s birthdays--both Mom and Dad celebrated their birthdays in August. 

It is about a twenty minute hike to get to the lighthouse from where the parking is set up.  It was a very hot day, but we were dressed for it and all had good footwear for the hike. 
When we reached the lighthouse.....
  and took in the breath-taking view, it was unanimous that it was well-worth the trip. 
That was before we even saw the menu!!     
What a novel set-up......you order your lunch in the lighthouse, and are given a picnic blanket, and a flag that co-ordinates with your order.  You then go back outside and find a spot to eat your lunch, ensuring your flag is visible for the server who will deliver your picnic basket to you.  The menu was amazing, and we all tried to order different desserts so we could all sample each others -- a little "sister" tradition!

We set up our blankets, and it seemed like before we even got settled, the picnic baskets were delivered.

 Delicious, huge sandwiches made with fresh breads baked on site....
  a scrumptious salad..... 
  fresh squeezed lemonade, served in mason jars....
 and magnificent desserts......
 I highly recommend taking the time to give yourself a special treat.  Go to Ferryland and take in the Lighthouse Picnic  It brought back so many great childhood memories of the fabulous outdoor picnics that our mother used to prepare.  She would set out one of her big tablecloths and set it up like a dining table.....with loads of delicious food and special treats!! 
 I think that everything tastes better outdoors!

Throw in the awesome scenery and the special company that day, and my first
 Ferryland Picnic turned into my 
"Fairytale" Picnic!!



  1. Fantastic, what a lovely day you all had.

  2. This place looks amazing. What a view! Picnics in August, in my area, are a no go. I can't take the heat and humidity.

  3. Lovely photos! I'm glad you had a nice day for your picnic. I did the picnic with 2 of my sisters a couple of years ago. We saw whales jumping and Sharon Snow was there doing a segment for NTV's "Places to Go". They walked by our blanket and I asked if I could take her picture. She said yes, then the camera man filmed us and we ended up on the news segment. Great fun!

  4. Wonderful! I've walked out to the lighthouse before they started doing the picnics, but I definitely want to go again, the picnic looks super.

  5. Wonderful! I've walked out to the lighthouse before they started doing the picnics, but I definitely want to go again, the picnic looks super.