Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Heard it through "MY" Grapevine....ha ha!!

When we moved to Flatrock last fall,  I really think one of the hardest things I left behind was my garden.  I just loved going out and roaming around, probably sipping a tea, and doing a bit of weeding.  Well, as it turned out, we bought a house that had an awesome big garden AND a greenhouse!!!!  I was absolutely thrilled that,in my greenhouse, there was a grapevine.  When we moved in, all the grapes had ripened and been picked, so I could not wait to see if we would get any this year.  Hubby did a little research, and cut back the vine, according to directions, and I was not impressed---tehe!!  I thought we would never see a grape.

Imagine my pleasant surprise when, not only did the vine start to grow back and fill out with lovely big leaves, but...........grapes!!!!  At the start they were pretty tiny though.  This picture was taken on June 14.................

We had such a terrible July here that I didn't even bother to take my camera back out to the greenhouse until July 23, but the difference was significant......

 Then, by September 13, they had grown quite a bit and were starting to change color...................

And here's what they look like today, September 23.....

They are quite delicious, and I'm finding myself out there every day--to check them (and have a little nibble).  Hubby is doing a bit of research now, to try and determine exactly what type of grape it is. 



  1. Your grapevine speaks eloquently.

  2. Look at those grapes! Next thing you know, you'll be making your own wine!

  3. That is wonderful!! Looks like it will be nice dark grapes. Let us know when you find out what type they are. We moved this last June and there wasn't a garden spot here. Everyone tells me that there are too many trees all around so not enough sun but I may have just a few tomatoes next year. Have a great weekend ahead!!

  4. How wonderful for you, to have so many lush grapes appearing on the vine. I bet they are delicious! So, are you going to make wine??? hehehe