Thursday, 17 September 2015

Homemade Granola

I love granola.  I add a sprinkle to my oatmeal, stir it into my yogurt and I often sprinkle some over the top of homemade muffins when I'm baking. 

I had loads of ingredients in my pantry and I had been thinking I should soon make up a 
batch, so this past weekend, I pulled out my biggest mixing bowl and starting throwing it 
together.  I use a recipe just as a guide for granola, as I add different types of seeds and nuts, depending on what I have on hand.  Of course, it is important to keep the proportions of dry 
and wet  ingredients in line with the recipe.

There are literally hundreds thousands of recipes online for homemade granola, so have a 
look, and try one that suits your fancy.

Here's how mine looked............... 
 Mix all the ingredients together well, to be sure the honey and oil coats everything.......
  Spread evenly on a parchment covered cookie sheet, stirring a couple of times while 
baking, to avoid big clumps, especially around edge of pan......
 Voila.....a beautiful glowing color, from that delicious golden honey...................
 Be sure to stir occasionally, until completely cool....
 Spoon into glass bottles, or any airtight container......
I can't wait to share these...Yummy!!


  1. I did something like this once, only it was making my own cereal. For the trouble, it didn't seem to be worth it, and I never made it again.

  2. Love making granola, since there's lots of room for creativity. Your text and photos are great! Just discovered your blog. From Boston ....