Saturday, 3 October 2015

The Grape Journal !!

Well, with the record low temperatures right through July, it was a poor start for 
growing grapes----even in a greenhouse.

The grapevine looked so pitiful after it was cut back in the spring.  I never dreamed
we would actually get any grapes this year.

But it started to flush out and put on quite a nice growth, in spite of 
the cold temperatures and lack of sun....

Then, to my delight and surprise.....little tiny grapes started to form,

and slowly but surely, they grew.......

in perfect clusters......

  and began turning color....

and, now they are almost ready to pick.......  

and share--Yummy!!



  1. Those are some beautiful grapes! Enjoy!

  2. Well done! So exciting to see the harvest developing.

  3. Well done! So exciting to see the harvest developing.

  4. Oh, good for you, and how exciting to have such a lovely harvest. I was watching BBC's gardeners world the other day, and Monty Don was going to have a great harvest until he left the glasshouse door open for ventilation and the blackbirds swooped in and ate every single ripe grape! My own little grape vine here has had lovely green grapes, and, although I had a few bunches, the birds and squirrels and even some raccoons had their share. I wish I had a glasshouse to grow them in, but then, everyone has to make a living in the world, don't they? And so generally I'm happy to share. :D

  5. Can't believe how big they have gotten!