Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Birch Christmas Centerpiece

When hubby was moose-hunting in the North Pond area in central this fall, he brought back some nice clean birch.  We like to have a good supply on hand for the fireplace at Christmastime, rather than just burning the fire-logs.  I also had asked him to make me some birch tea light holders, for Christmas centerpieces.

Here's the birch sticks on the garage floor.........
Hubby dried the birch for a couple of weeks in the garage, then cut the sticks to the lengths I needed for the centerpieces.  Then, he used a forstner bit to drill out just the perfect sized cavity, for a tealight.

In the meantime, I had been collecting different types of cones over the fall.  I use them as filler on the centerpieces.  I gathered some huge pine-cones on one of my walks. 
To make a centerpiece, I arrange three pieces of birch, of different heights on a charger. 
Add cones around the birch, 
a few cinnamon sticks with some red berries (if desired), and 

A nice little centerpiece to enjoy over Christmas.
This one is for the "Silent Auction"  fundraiser at work!



  1. How beautiful and made with such care. Lovely!

  2. This is really lovely! You are very clever. I used to make a centrepiece when I had the family round my big dining room table, but I've downsized now, and the table is a lot smaller..... only room for food now!

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  4. Great idea. Once as a kid at a club I made a yule log out of birch. It was kept for many decades. It may still be around AFAIK.