Sunday, 29 November 2015

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas............

Remember the feeling
when you were a child, 
as it started to approach December-
and then it snowed......
That was the scene outside my bedroom window this morning.
It gave me
my first case of
"Christmas Butterflies".

I just had to get bundled up and go for a walk on a trail just inside where our house is......

 The sun is coming through the clouds now, and it has warmed up to whopping 2 degrees Celsius!!
The snow on the branches and berries is starting melt and drip off.

What a beautiful day for the Flatrock Santa Claus Parade!



  1. The only thing missing is the excitement of a small child. Oh...but wait...

    You are in for such joy!

  2. Near identical weather. The first snow is exciting.

  3. Look at that winter beauty! Oh I wish we had that here. I love snow and I hope we get some this year. :D

  4. Your photos really surprised me! So beautiful and beautiful! How wonderful that you can see the snow scene from your bedroom! I like all of them, and especially the first one is my favorite.
    Here in my area, we have not had snow for almost three years, I always long for snow to fall here in every winter though!

    Thank you for visiting my blog and kind comment. I will take a usual winter break from blogging soon.
    I will be back in New Year and visit you again. Your blog address has already set in my blog. Thanks,Kathleen! See you later!

  5. We rarely see snow here, so when we do it's a very special occasion. As long as no driving is involved, I'm okay with looking at it. Lovely photos!

  6. No snow in Ottawa yet, but lots of frost on most mornings.

  7. Kathleen, Your landscape looks so similar to mine! I, too, see snow now whenever I look out the windows. Enjoy its beauty.

  8. We finally got snow a couple of days ago. Beautiful photos.